Social networks for business

28 Oct

“We (people) use the Internet the same way as we use our brain – we don’t use 100% of it,” said one guy to me. “Internet is not only social networks.”

Hm… and social network is not only chatting-chatting-chatting. Lots of people use it for business. Gartner web site highlighted 4 ways how companies use Twitter for business. Here I will tell about them in brief.

1) Direct

Many companies create corporate blogs to post its last changes: new projects, press releases and so on. The point is that company itself shares its information, so there is no concrete individuals.

2) Indirect

This method is about employees who represent company. The number can vary. If an employees somehow enhance their own personal reputations, the company’s reputation is also enhanced by proxy. But! Reputation may also be damaged by accident.

3) Internal

It is about communication inside the company, but some information is confidential in nature. So, twitter is not the best way to share such information. There are two networks (Yammer and Pressently) that protect company’s “secrets”. Actually, they were created as a platform for the workplace.

4) Inbound Signaling

P.S.: This morning I was listening to Nashe Radio. There was a story about one woman who rammed into something while driving. So, she got out the car and took a picture of it. Do you know why? She published that picture on Facebook and wrote about the accident!  You know what?! People read this story – they came and brought some food.


Be informed: Eurasian PR event is coming

8 Oct

Hey-hey-hey!!! Everybody who is interested in public relations sphere!

PR agency Renaissance will hold 8th international conference Eurasian PR Event on Sept. 28-29 at the “Hyatt Regency Almaty” hotel.

Keynote speakers will be:

Aleksey Bendz, Kazakhstan (AES Corporation, PR Director)

Andrey Yablonskih, Russia (RBK Soft)

Maxim Bechar, Bulgaria (M3 Communications Group, President)

Pavel Rodin, Kazakhstan (“Kar-Tel” partnership, head of PR department)

and many other well-known specialists in this sphere

The main goal of the project is to answer to these questions:

  • What PR technics are topical for current period of time?
  • What promotion tools should we use?
  • What are the features of the current information field and how can we use them to have effective public relations?

For more information check this web-site

6 Oct

Hey-hey-hey!!! I bring to your attention – the ultimate web based application to create ebooks.

“Get your novel, comic, magazine, photo album or brochure out there for free,” says the home page.

This ebook platform makes it possible to upload or create any publication, whether it is personal or corporate. Once you have entered you’ll see several buttons. One offers building an electronic book using web site’s tools, another suggests browsing already created publications. The web service is easy to use. If you have any difficulties, you can always use “Take a tour” option. It provides really good explanation for usage of So, try it right now!

myebook viewer

Let’s pay our attention to the ebook viewer. It takes some time to load this or that electronic publication. Moreover, it will take a lot of time if you have slow internet connection. On the whole, the viewer is very handy. You can turn over the epages like you turn over the pages of the real book! You can use screen grabbing and send grab to friend via email not leaving the web page. If you wish, you can subscribe to the ebook which awoke your interest and leave comments.

Want to share you book, magazine or any other publication? Don’t have money for printing? But still want to share your work? Go ahead and use! It’s absolutely for free. Just try!

t h o u g h t s

4 Oct

mess inside the head

Tuesday, September 28

Well, now you will know how much I can be pessimistic. If to think, I am one of the power vampires who always need someone’s energy.  I haven’t seen my boyfriend all last week, and I hope to meet with him tomorrow. I haven’t seen my best friend Yulia even greater, she is in Berlin. We’ll meet only next year in summer. I miss these people. Their presence is essential for me, it gives a second wind. Now I am so much exhausted. I am dying to have a mid-term break and go to Emirates with my family. I wasn’t on the sea for a long time, so I need to receive my portion of sun’s energy!

Wednesday, September 29

University, home, lunch, meeting, home, dinner, homework – my usual boring schedule. But today was definitely another day. Today, before leaving on meeting, I and my mum was making vareniki. Vareniki – mmm, delicious! I called my friend Nelly in the evening, and I was glad to talk to her! I didn’t care what we will talk about. To me, it is more important just to have a simple dialogue. You know, what I really need now is communication! After that conversation I felt myself so much joyful. Simply normal human communication…

Tomorrow I will meet my boyfriend! Only one thought about our meeting leads to a pleased smile upon my face! Tomorrow will be another day – tomorrow I’ll be much happier!

P.S.: Thanks God, I have so wonderful mummy. Thanks God, I have so sweet brother. Thanks God, I have so kind boyfriend. Thanks God, I have so trustworthy friends. All these people are the meaning of my life. They are my perpetual motion machine, they are my air and water.

Network: classmates

30 Sep

Good morning, everybody! We’ll have mid-term exams soon, and some of them had already started. Therefore, there were a lot of absentees last lesson.

What did we actually do? We tried to find any connections between each other. There were eight people in the class, so we had enough time to interview each other. And now I want to share the results.

5 girls and 3 boys

4 people are from Almaty

2 people are from Karaganda

1 person from Astana

1 person from Aktobe

5 BAIJ students

2 BSS students

1 Bsc student

3 had taken Mass Media in Society on Summer I in 2010

2 had taken Aplied Math for Social Sciences in Fall’09

3 people with ID 2007

2 people with ID 2009

2 people with ID 2006

1 person with ID 2008

Letters vs. eMails

16 Sep

If you ask me what will I choose: letters or emails, I will find difficulty in replying. Both types of communication are good in their own way. So I will tell my attitudes to both of them.

I have some letters which I keep  in the file box. I like to read them from time to time. It’s a nostalgia for the past. Unfortunately, we can’t  turn back the clock.

I have much more  electronic mails. But, as the saying goes, that’s a horse of a different color! Emails save our time and money, and that’s the main benefit, I think.

I like letters because they bring warm feelings and always make me smile, I like emails for their speed and also for the possibility not show your handwriting=)

Network Logic

14 Sep

“In a hyperconnected society, secrets get everywhere,” says the 1st chapter of the book. They do, indeed! These secrets can be different: state or official, work or trade, and just personal secrets.

Let’s talk about social networks. Really good example could be! Some people publish their nu photos, select an option “only particular list of  friends can see this picture”, and sit waiting for the comments. Some other people crack their profiles and find the hidden photos! So, what are the reasons for both sides to do these foolish routines? I don’t really care! I think first ones subconsciously want to be seen by everyone, but, nevertheless, limit the list of those who can see secret materials. Last ones just want to know what others hide from them. Really good exchange for both sides!

What about private messages? Suppose, we have a girl and a boy who date for a certain period of time. One day this boy starts to suspect his girlfriend of cheating. He cracks her profile without delay and discovers that he was right…

[strange post]

All I wanted to say is that “Yeah! Nowadays secrets  get everywhere!” and social networks are like tempters who push people to create more and more secrets, and make them live thinking how to hide secrets from unauthorized persons.

RSS feeds ~.~

31 Aug

Well, hello there!

It’s pretty easy and handy to use a virtual beat. It helps us to keep track of events that we are interested in. For this moment I have only few subscriptions: my classmates’ blogs and some news portals.

I want to tell you some things about Google Reader. What I really like about it, it’s the possibility to see all posts in one window. With its help now I can subscribe to the writers at And it’s great! As you might know this web site is blocked in Kazakhstan. But in the same time there are some another web sites that allow you to enter LJ (i don’t remember the names).

That’s it for today. Waiting for the next lecture to know more about RSS!

Have a nice day ^_____^

My first experience in the internet

23 Aug

My first Internet experience… Oh! I remember it very well! It relates to my sweetheart and to the story of our love. It was the end of July, year 2006. There was a special offer made by Kazaktelecom: 1.4 tenge per minute (after 10 p.m.) The numbers can be wrong, but that offer was making Internet connection very cheap. So, I couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to enter this world. Moreover, I was on summer holidays and had nothing to do. And where is the love story, you may ask=) Here it is…

We met each other on the rock concert. In fact, it was my sister who met him. And what is more interesting (?), at the very beginning I disliked him. But, let’s don’t go into details. Finally, he and my elder sister exchanged phone numbers and began SMS communication. I was only 14, I was very-very curious! That’s why I have immediately created a account and began to chat with him. Soooo… My 1st Internet experience were chat rooms at

I love those times when I was so strange and silly. These memories are so fond and pleasant<3

Introducing myself

18 Aug

Hey, everybody!

In this particular post I will tell you about me and my life. So, let’s start!My name is Elya (full name is Elvira). Some people call me Elis. I’m 18. I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan (and I’m not going to change the citizenship, at least in the near future). I like to live in Almaty, I feel myself comfortable here.

I’m studying at the KIMEP university. I’m 2nd year student, and my major is PR. There are several student organizations which I participate in: KIMEP PiE (editor), KISA (general member), and Fab TV (every member there has several duties, cause this organization is very young). I practice my journalism skills in PDF magazine which is called Trifle ( It was created by me and my best friend Yulia.

Now briefly about my interests. Here is the list:

  • Japan! Country itself, culture, anime, cosplay, Miyavi (J-Rock singer acting in Visual Key ( direction) and almost everything that relates to Japan.
  • Latin America! I’m really fond of its music and dances. I want to visit all Latin America countries. I love how Spanish and  Portuguese languages sound!
  • Music. When I was 12 I started listening rock music, and I became a crazy punk-girl! I like those times.  Now I listen different types of music (but even now pop and hip hop isn’t my choice).
  • Photography, crazy ideas… Creativity! Creativity! Creativity! That’s the thing I can’t live without!

I’m sure I forgot something to write about, but I think this information is enough for the moment.

P.S.: while writing this post I understood that there are too much sentences starting with “I”. It confuses me a little.